The Original 3 tier Country Jug
3 tier Country
Jug $20.00

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The Original 2 Tier Country Jug
2 tier Country
Jug $15.00

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Country Jugs Cookie Jug
Cookie Jug

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3 Tier 1/2 gallon Country Jug
3-Piece 1/2 gallon

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Welcome to Country Jugs and Crafts.. We have been manufacturing this product for over 25 years. My wife is the Originator of this Unique idea.

The Creation: My wife was working in the kitchen one day washing dishes doing the regular boring chores. Thier was a One Gallon jug sitting on the counter in the kitchen. She knocked it off the counter by accident and it was broken.

2 Tier Canister:She began the process of cleaning up the broken jug, When she started to pick it up she began playing with the broken pieces
(kids don't try this at home) of glass. The 2 tier jug was created.

Today:So what was a small accident in the kitchen turned into a full time job for the last 25 years. Today we can produce over 300 jugs a day from our shop here in Tennessee. We have our products in Gift Shops, Floral Shops and Craft Shows nation wide.
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